McNess WEAN FUEL® utilizes exclusive, patent-pending technology for the newly-weaned pig, and can be formulated into the first 20 pounds of complete feed per pig. WEAN FUEL® is a key technology included in nearly all Furst-McNess starter feeds, with the only exception of vegetarian feeding programs where spray dried eggs are not allowed.  WEAN FUEL® supports feed intake and health post-weaning, and through extensive testing and published research, has shown improvements in mortality by several percentage points.  With production costs being driven by throughput, finding ways to maximize livability and full value pigs is key. 

WEAN FUEL® can be used as a complete replacement for plasma, and with correct formulation, feed costs can be reduced.  Sandberg et al. (2015) showed that pigs fed WEAN FUEL® had better feed efficiency and livability compared to pigs fed plasma in antibiotic-free diets, and Sandberg et al. (2016) showed that WEAN FUEL® improved livability in pigs fed diets with antibiotics, as well as with different levels of soybean meal immediately post-weaning.