Starter Nutrition

At Furst-McNess, we focus on linking one phase of production to the next, starting with how nutrition affects the semen quality of the boar, and subsequently sow reproduction. Development of the piglet in utero can have significant effects on pre-wean mortality, as well as subsequent nursery success, while the sow’s ability to produce quality milk will directly affect the robustness of the piglet placed in the nursery.

At weaning, a pig goes through the most dramatic changes in its production life. The goal of our Starter Program is not only optimal growth post-weaning, but also to aid in the development of the immune and gastrointestinal systems, and increase lifetime success of that piglet. Early nursery nutrition can also affect performance in the latter phase of the nursery and have an even greater influence on finishing performance – specifically improved livability and reduced culls.  All of this, combined with the improvement of feed conversion/calories into gain, results in a substantial economic impact. 

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In order to deliver McNess Nursery technologies that provide maximum nutritional value, we have developed a complete set of starter feeds to meet the production, milling and feed delivery needs for every production system.

Instant Bite is a top dress, unique starter technology used in the first two to three days post-weaning to help stimulate intake.  Ideally, it is used as a gruel, especially in fall back pens or with small pigs.

Wean Fuel® utilizes exclusive, patent-pending technology for newly-weaned pigs that can be used as a complete plasma replacement.  This technology is integrated into most of the Furst-McNess starter feeds.

Nursery Feeding ProgramPlasmaWean FuelSEP-Value
 Antibiotics CTC/Mecadox None    
 Zinc Oxide 3000 ppm 500 ppm    
 Body Weight End of Nursery 54.3a 49.0b 1.62 0.007
 Body Weight Day 56 of Finishing 196.4 194.2 7.93 0.62
 ADG, lb 2.02 2.03 0.08 0.83
 F:G 2.82c 2.72d 0.09 0.08
 Total Wt Gn, lb 2912 3134 311.39 0.23
Table 1 contains data from a Furst-McNess trial in which pigs were lighter at the end of the nursery phase by 5.3 pounds due to dietary (and medication) differences in the nursery phase. However, in the finishing phase, the performance exceeded that of the control group due to their improved gut development during the nursery phase.



Crumbled nursery concentrates allow for greater flowability of ingredients high in milk and sugar products. Our crumble programs allow pigs of sufficient size to be started with minimal or no starter pellets, yet still realizing exceptional performance.

Universal Crumbles A high-protein crumble program that can be used in commercial production and allows a large range of formulation flexibility for specific customer needs.

Nursery Fuel 50 Premix The Nursery Fuel 50 Premix is a practical 50-pound pack that contains our central nursery technologies for health and performance, and is used in combination with Universal Crumbles and superior veg crumbles.  Adding the premix separately allows for more flexibility and customization based on the customer’s needs. 

Superior Vegetarian Crumbles A crumble program that is completely vegetarian (no animal protein).  This product has been specifically designed and developed for systems that participate in antibiotic-free production.

Booster Crumbles A complete crumble program for milling needs that require limited hand adds, and contains fish meal and bovine plasma to provide additional protein sources.

Starter 60 Premix The Starter 60 premix is a practical pack for formulating mid-to-late nursery rations, and is specifically designed to be used in combination with McNess Booster Crumbles.

Vegetarian Nursery Fuel 50 Available to use with the Superior Vegetarian Crumbles for systems feeding ABF programs and requiring a completely vegetarian fed diet.


A full complement of unique, low temperature 2MM pellets available for nursery pigs.  These mini pellet, complete rations are formulated with highly digestible ingredients to satisfy the nutritional needs of the newly weaned pig.  By design, they are readily accepted as the first feed following weaning, stimulate excellent feed intake and growth and reduce wastage, resulting in higher feed conversions.

HP IGNITOR 175 For small, young pigs that weigh 10 lbs or less at weaning.  

HP ULTIMATE 165 For pigs that weigh 10 lbs or more at weaning.  

We can customize our products to meet virtually any feeding requirement to effectively deliver the technology to the pig without compromising its overall safety and efficacy.