Furst Finisher H2O BottlesMcNess FURST FINISHER H2O™ is a unique water application technology that nutritionally supports pigs during the finishing phase.  This technology is conveniently delivered through the drinking water and delivers a combination of three specific strains of probiotic bacteria, concentrated yeast-based fermentation extract, key botanical extracts, organic acids and flavors.  FURST FINISHER H2O is recommended for use upon placement in a new facility to ease the stressful transition, during health challenges to support gut health and in late finishing to support water and feed consumption.  This easy-to-use product mixes well, is used for 3 to 7 days (repeating as necessary) and is available in three convenient quantities (6 - 16 oz. bottes, 2 gallons/case or 4 gallons/case) to accommodate your specific size of operation.