Feedlot Program


Optimizing performance and production is the core goal of the McNess beef feedlot programs. McNess offers feedlot products for receiving, growing and finishing cattle. Our McNess feedlot programs work with locally grown feedstuffs as well as alternative commodity feedstuffs. McNess premixes are formulated to match the nutrient needs of growing and finishing cattle fed a variety of feedstuffs. One of the premixes will work in your operation. Furst-McNess also supplies commodities such as wet and dry distiller’s grains, corn gluten feed, hominy and other feedstuffs that stretch local supplies and reduce feeding costs.

McNess offers feedlot products under the Co-Product Fortifier, Beef Balancer, Beef Developer, and Beef Starter lines. Your cattle, your feedstuffs, along with McNess premixes and commodities are all that is needed.

Co-Product Fortifier 0.5(bag and bulk) These products are designed to be a complement to corn co-products that result from the manufacture of corn starch, corn syrup, and ethanol and are formulated to take advantage of nutrients already present in these corn co-products. Contains thiamine to help prevent nervous disorders (polioencephalomalacia – PEM) commonly associated with corn co-product diets.

Co-Product Fortifier 0.6(bag and bulk) These products provide the same mineral and vitamin fortification as Co-Product Fortifier 0.5 on a daily basis with the addition of crude protein from non-protein nitrogen sources.

Beef Balancer 80 (bag and bulk) The Balancer Products are highly fortified mineral, vitamin and protein premixes formulated specifically for feedlot cattle on high-grain rations.

Beef Developers (bag and bulk) The Developer Products are formulated to provide the extra minerals and vitamins that lightweight calves need to fortify their immune system and rapidly develop a structurally strong frame.

Beef Starter Premix (bag and bulk) The Starter Products are designed to minimize the stress that calves experience at weaning or receiving. They are also ideal for stressed, shipped-in calves. When a ration provides a fortified mineral and vitamin package, calves experiencing weaning or shipping stress have higher feed intake, regain weight faster and respond to treatments for sickness more readily. The product contains organic trace minerals from Zinpro’s Availa 4 product to help combat stress and a high Vitamin E level to help strengthen immune function.

First Boost (bag) First Boost is a unique mineral package that is formulated to provide high quality, biologically available minerals and vitamins that are necessary for a fast start when fed to weaned, stressed or newly received cattle.  


McNess FURST FORCE™ RECEIVER is a unique oral drench that utilizes a complex blend of nutritional technologies to support optimum health and performance in older calves and feedlot animals upon receipt at the feed yard. This 6-in-1 nutritional supplement has had responses that include cattle up on feed quicker and more aggressive to the bunks, better response to treatments, less pulls, less scours, decreased death loss and increased water intake.

For feeding directions, to speak with one of our beef nutritionists, or to be connected with one of our Beef Account Managers, email: beef@mcness.com.