Breeding Herd Nutrition

Nutrition focused on sow longevity, piglet throughput and quality is the focus of the Furst-McNess Breeding Herd Feeding Program.  Caring for the sow from gilt selection, through gilt development, to the important first parity is the goal of this program. Once the first parity is complete, the focus is on maximizing the total pounds of pork produced over that sow’s lifetime, which translates to larger litters of uniform, healthy pigs with consistent and excellent reproductive performance.  Modern sows are selected for optimal levels of production, and therefore require very specific nutrition.  We use real-life experience and computer modeling systems to develop optimum energy, protein, vitamin and trace mineral nutrition.

We carefully monitor and assess body scores throughout gestation in order to develop the best possible conditioned sow entering lactation.  A well-conditioned sow will eat more during lactation, resulting in weaning heavier pigs, and is able to breed back more quickly.  Your McNess representative and swine nutritionist will help identify the correct energy and protein levels that your particular sow farm requires in order to meet your specific goals, whether you are selling weaned pigs or finishing them yourself.

McNess offers multiple sow premixes to fit a variety of operations – including one that is right for you.  These premixes are formulated to provide elevated nutrient levels for highly-productive sows.  We offer sow premix products with carnitine and chromium added to improve reproductive efficiency, as well as products containing the microbial phytase enzyme to improve digestion of corn and soybean meal, and lysine for use with dried distillers grains.  


Nature’s Fuel®  to support milk production and sow health

Repro Fuel™ to support nutrient intake in litters born to gilts

Equalize™ Swine to support sows and gilts during exposure to feed contaminants

Furst Fuel™ baby pig drench to support weak and challenged piglets

Furst Step custom creep feed to maximize feed intake and health at weaning

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