Energy is the most costly part of a pig’s diet. Not all enzymes (or blends of enzymes) are created equal, and when enzymes of optimum quality are used at the correct levels, they can offer significant savings in feed costs. McNess CORE™ is a combination of carefully produced and selected levels of six primary enzymes (alpha amylase, beta-glucanase, cellulase, xylanase, protease and phytase) and two pro-biotic bacterias (Bacillus subtilus and Bacillus lichenformis) that synergistically facilitate the digestion of different fractions of plant materials. Supporting the digestion of feed stuffs, and supporting a balanced and even feed intake, allows for uniform growth. The individual components of CORE™, as well as how those components interact with each other, have been heavily researched and are shown to improve feed intake, nutrient digestibility and carcass uniformity.